Brass Ring  

Music and Lyrics byViki Gayhardt 7/09

© 2010 A Child First Music 

I wake up to another day these bones are wearing down

No energy for nothing, but to switch the TV on

I lived for each tomorrow, but let ‘em get away

And now I’m looking back regretting how I spent my days

I could have been an actress, my soul bared on a stage

Or unearthed stars and galaxies and joined the great debate

What would have I discovered had I not conformed

Left with all these questions in the end as my reward


But it’s too late for me, now I’ve missed the boat

Went around just once while my dreams went up in smoke

I wish I’d cut more losses, dared to take a chance

The brass ring’s long since tarnished, time to fade to black

Fade to black    Fade to black

My brittle heart breaks open with secrets unrevealed

Your father wasn’t first in line to sweep me off my feet

At times I’d sit and wonder if my choice was wise

But wonder never further when I look into your eyes

What if I took my sick days and jetted us to Rome?

Explored the Coliseum and the domes of Pantheon

Could I have climbed a mountain, what if I played with fire?

Or took a leap of faith instead of walking the straight line

(Repeat Chorus_


Take heart all the old clichés              

Die with no regrets                            

Don’t ever look back

Live each day to its fullest              

As if it were your last                       

Cause no surprises wait for you        

Down the least resisted path   

These four walls I stare at reflect the memories

Of hostages to work as precious years made their escape

But now these rooms are empty and echo the regret

Of lives that came up short on joy but rich in pain and sweat

So do as I say child, not as I have done

Dance despite the music, give the bull another run

And if you burn the candle at both ends as I did

Let the light help guide you far away from bitterness

(Repeat Chorus)

Peace Like This

Music and Lyrics by Viki Gayhardt  1/08

© 2010 A Child First Music

Hush. Just listen

This night is perfect

Snow falls gently                              

A mesmerizing, tranquil effect 

The earth sleeps soundly

Beneath a tier of pristine white

This is the only backdrop

On which the season feels right


Want it to last forever

Peace like this could set the world right

Click: a snap shot

The perfect front of any Christmas card

Calm surrounds me

Paradise right here in my back yard

 I am delivered

Hoping that I’m humble enough

This gift of powdered diamond

Fresh and new descending from above


Want it to last forever

Peace like this could teach the world of love


A single flake falls on my mitten,

Precision in the crystal prism

A work of art from Mother Nature’s soul

Hieroglyphics from the sky

No two of them can be alike             

An angel’s stardust wonder to behold


Want it to last forever

Peace like this the world should always know

 Trees so burdened

Bow to us like we were royalty

Sky so laden

Crowning us with winter’s majesty

 You stand behind me

Hold me in a safe and warm embrace

My perfect holiday

Us adorned beneath all heaven’s grace


Want it to last forever

Peace like this the world’s a better place

 (2nd Bridge)

I take it in ‘cause soon enough

The plowman comes with his big truck

Makes his tracks to get us on our way

Salt and sand spread all around

Will turn this sparkling white to brown

But just for now I’ll savor this display


Want it to last forever

Peace like this, the world’s a better place

 Peace like this the world’s a better place