Viki Gayhardt is a singer/songwriter who had put away her microphone and guitar for many years between work, raising a family, and having two children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  Her songwriting resumed in earnest after returning to college and a class assignment required her to connect music with her community. She’s been writing ever since.

Gayhardt’s vocals are passionate, sometimes raw, and the driving force of her performance.  Her lyrics are heart-felt, brutally honest, relatable and have been compared to the early work of Joni Mitchell and Lori McKenna.  “Every one of Viki’s songs has one or two of those ‘gem’ lines that songwriters notice. There is a definite poetic voice that comes through and is consistently there in all her songs that has something  to do with connection, dreams , and meaning in the face of compromise,” says singer/songwriter Dwight Phetteplace.

From the quiet woods of rural New Hampshire, Gayhardt released her first full-length collection of original songs on “Unguarded Heart” in January 2011.  Although there is something for everyone on this album, those who are parents, children of aging parents, and especially women who have grown wise from life will truly appreciate her lyrical messages.

In 2012, Viki lent her heart and voice to the Songs for Autism Campaign; a musical effort of Musicians for a Cause that supports funding for autism awareness and services.